Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mother of 4 gets yelled at in local convenience store.(update)

This storekeeper I've known all my life, he's even a distant relative, (42nd cousin or something), completely flipped out on me yesterday morning, screaming at me, spit flying, red in the face w/ veins popping and everything. I still feel traumatized.
I have never had any negative issues w/ him before. He's always been super nice, friendly and helpful... And up until yesterday morning I got along just fine w/ him. I really thought he liked me. My mistake I guess... Is he that 2 faced or am I so blind? I am just totally in shock, and my feelings are still very hurt.

I went to Garys' store to ship a bicycle off to my eldest child, who's staying out West w/ my Mom, on the bus night before last. I realized that it might be a problem to ship such a large item so I left the boxed-up bicycle in the car at first and brought in the way bill from when it was shipped here, that had the weight and other details on it. The woman who was working seemed to have a problem w/ doing the bus thing, (Idk tho... maybe it was just a problem w/ me?...), so I offered to come back in the morning. If she couldn't do it, I was happy to return the next day. I wasn't being loud or pushy. She said "No, I'll call Gary." She called him and proceeded to fill out the way bill wrongly, saying that I needed more details like Moms' address, (that I didn't know off hand and it got shipped here w/ just my phone #, no addresses...), and she was being very rude, saying things like, "Well, do you HAVE a postal code?" I brought the bike in anyway and paid for the shipping. (And, she just charged me the $93 that the original speedy shipping to here from there was. When I later sent it off from town, it was $62...)

I was kind of offended by her rudeness and when I got home T thought I should call Gary right away and complain, but I figured w/ev she might be just having a bad night, (Idk her at all...), and that I'd call Gary in the morning just to make sure the shipping thing was ok...

Well, I can't imagine what she said to him because he calls me first thing in the morning and starts in on me about how there needs to be a shipping address before he can send it off. I said "it's going on the bus, not getting delivered to her house, you don't need her address" He insisted and I said that his employee was rude to me anyway and I'd just come get the bike back and hung up the phone. I immediately went to the store and he yelled at me LOUDLY for the whole time I was in the store... Didn't let me get a word in edgewise. "Nothing is ever good enough for YOU Renee! First it was the snowsuit thing! And the condition they were in Renee!!! And now this! And you never paid your late charges!" wtf? I was floored...
He yelled me right out the door! As I was carrying the bike out I was so upset that all I could sputter out was, " You ignorant, old, FUCKER! Lol!
(Hardly fitting I suppose, he's not old, and perhaps a bit stunned but not too ignorant, he's got his finger on the pulse of the community, his store is gossip central, and e's usually civil... I suppose at least I said something. I can hardly think or talk when I'm that angry.)
In retrospect, wtf is there to say in such a situation? I was in tears by the time I got home. I can deal w/ people being mean when I'm ready for it, when it's expected I can take it and dish it just fine. But when it's someone who's blown sunshine and flowers out their ass at me for no obvious reason every other time we ever spoke, who starts going postal on me like that, my wall is down
Later, I called the bus line to see if I really needed the address or if he was just being a bitch, and it turns out that I was correct in assuming that an address was unnecessary.
I shipped it from the town bus depot later w/ a phone number and no shipping address...
Gosh, thanks for all the great help Gary!

So, FYI:
The snowsuit thing was these snowsuits I bought for my twins that wore right out. They have this kidvantage guarantee at sears that says if it wears out b4 the kid grows out of it they'll replace it or fix it. And, apparently... now he tells me, (never said it to me b4 now), that they were in too bad a shape to return? Am I somehow interpreting this guarantee wrongly?
This is from the sears.ca website

Our KidVantage® Wearout Warranty is simple:

  • it covers all children's apparel and footwear as long as the child for whom you bought the item continues to wear the size
  • if the item wears out, Sears will, at its option, either repair or replace it with the identical item in the same size, or if it's unavailable, a similar item of equal value in the same size
  • it covers children's sizes from infants' up to 18 in apparel, and up to senior kids' size 6 in footwear, with proof of purchase
  • all replacements or repairs can be handled through your nearest Sears Catalogue location
When I called them, they told me to talk to Gary. He told me to call them.

My boy had no snowsuit to wear and so the twins were taking turns playing outside in the snow. I will not buy kids clothes from sears again.

(The batman suit wore out almost immediately and they simply didn't have another to replace it so he finally got a replacement one like his sisters' that hadn't fallen apart just yet. I did do a bunch of repairs on them myself also b4 bringing them back to my "nearest sears catalog location for replacement or repair")

Well, my boy went thru a snowsuit b4 x-mas and after that was replaced, he and his sister ripped multiple seams and zippers out of their suits. Am I supposed to suck it up and buy another set of snowsuits or fix them myself again because they are so poorly made? In all my spare time? Or should I demand that they honor their guarantee? I only figured that it was ok to buy the stupidly overpriced snowsuits from sears because of that damn guarantee. Otherwise I would've just gone to the Bargain Giant or Sprawlmart where the quality is the same at half the price. I don't think my kids are so rough on clothes that a $100. kids snowsuit shouldn't fall apart like that in 2 months. The bloody stupid things had reinforced knees and elbows but the seams and zippers were coming out. Yes, they play hard like kids do. If someone doesn't like doing returns than maybe they shouldn't deal w/ such crappy clothing that has a guarantee on it.

And as for the late charges!!! Twice I tried to give him money towards those late charges and he wouldn't take it from me. I'm not sure why. Do I look that poor? I don't think so, maybe I do.
It made me uncomfortable, but I figured he was just trying to be nice so I didn't push the issue and paid some on it when someone else was working. He YELLED at me about it after this?

Then, last time I rented movies from there, one of them didn't work in my machine, again. This was about the 5th time this had happened, whenever I returned one that didn't work, whoever was working would say something to the effect of; "I don't know how to give you your free movie, talk to Gary next time you're here to rent one." Well I never got one replacement movie. So when I returned this last one I told the girl who was working that evening and she said, "Well. SOME people just SAY that movies don't work just so they can get a free one..."
How fucking insulting.
I'd spent hundreds of dollars there just renting movies over the last couple of years.
Never again.

Next time I was at the store I decided to pay off my late charges and get my name right off of their computer. I had the cash in my hand to pay w/ev late charges were there, but J, the person who was working that evening, couldn't get the stupid computer to do it, (thru no fault of her own...), so I just paid the $20 it said and left it at that...

I honestly tried to pay those late charges.
And even if I had not, there was no call for him to yell at me like that.
I will happily spend my money elsewhere from now on.

UPDATE-(Oct15-08) We haven't shopped @ Garys in almost a month, and I figure that by being forced to make-do w/ what we have instead of running out to grab something, not counting movies, we've saved somewhere between $100-$150 on incidental, overpriced crap that we just don't need, so far...
So, I really should thank him, I guess, for showing me ho much of a valuable customer I was...

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