Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No more school... so far so good.

So here it is, more than a week into September, and we are quite successfully unschooling the 7-year old twins. Really, it's just an extension of our usual daily life, we're just trying to break things down a bit and let them get involved even more...

So far we have been harvesting seasonal veggies from the garden and making amazing salads and soups, talking about where our food comes from and why we buy locally produced and/or fair trade and organic food if possible.

They cooked hamburger hash,(local beef and all the leftover cooked veggies in the fridge w/ herbs from the garden,very tasty! ) for lunch yesterday and scrambled (freerange-fertilized w/ parsley, green onion and goat cheddar...yum!), eggs for breakfast this morning.

We've been to the farmers market, picked blueberries, plums, apples and cherries. We also raised some chickens and turkeys for meat over the summer, and we'll soon buy a side of grass fed local beef to fill up the rest of the deep freeze.

They are also spending as much time outdoors as possible while the weather holds, when it gets colder, (could be weeks or months,...), we end up staying indoors a lot more. Then we will do more reading and computer stuff than free play.

I know we need to do more academia type stuff, but still can't decide on any specific curriculum. I saw one on ebay that consists of a set of cd's which is a self-directed learning system covering p-12 subjects, that isn't divided into rigid grades, each child would go at their own pace unhindered by age specific expectations. It has worksheets that get printed as needed. Sounds very interesting...

I also have a few games that I'm going to try and work into our daily routine, board games like jr scrabble, boggle, sneaky snake,(a counting game), and some spelling, reading and math computer games...

I'm trying to keep it simple, but it's feeling so complicated already!

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