Sunday, September 14, 2008

Adventures in emergency care...

Usually when anything happens to one of us here at home, we can handle it quite nicely ourselves. But when 7yo.Teddy slipped on a chopping block and split the back of his head open yesterday, first I gave him some homeopathic arnica and rescue remedy,
got the blood stopped, (the back of his shirt was drenched), and a clean washcloth w/ ice in it to hold on top of the rapidly swelling gash. He was really scared, I had to convince him that he wasn't going to die...

After I got a look at his wound, I immediately decided to go to outpatients to see if he needed stitches or had a head injury. It happened around 3pm, we got to the hospital at 3:30ish and we didn’t get out of there til after 8pm.
stitching procedure took 20 minutes, there weren't a lot of people there, nobody was bleeding but this brave little 7 year old, and we still had to wait that long.

OH WELL, Miss Robyn did a fine job of entertaining everyone in the OP waiting room!
She said HI! To EVERYONE! And played peek-a-boo too!
She's so sweet and happy, people can't help but smile along with her.

Luckily, their Dad showed up after a bit, so I didn't need to bring all the kids into the inner-emergency room waiting room, just Ted and I went in. Good thing I had my camera to keep us busy in there because we waited a looong time there too.While it looked to me like the Dr. was oh so busy chatting up the nurses at the nursing station and doing paperwork!

Ted asked "could we just go now because I'm hungry and I don't care if I have a big scar on my head or not anyways!". I said that we may as well wait because we'd been there so long anyways, even tho I kinda felt the same...

So, I took pictures of what his head looked like to show him,
(He was ok w/ getting the freezing needle as long as I got it on camera!) Brave little man.
So I took some video of the act
ual stitches getting done.(To be seen on you-tube at a later date!)
It was cut to the bone; you can even see his skull on the video. :( No cracks tho. :)

This is how the blood soaked through the gauze pad after we got to the hospital, (we had stopped the bleeding and I lightly taped some gauze over the cut before we went).
We were kept waiting so long that he’d started bleeding lots again…

What kind of a heartless system keeps a hurt child waiting like that? Sick. My tough little guy didn't fuss at all tho.

This is how the stitches ended up; there are 8 that show, and lots more on the inner tissues.

The Dr. was nice and calm, he even kept his cool when I refused to let them give Ted the dpt vaccine.

He's still taking homeopathic arnica to promote healing, as well as ester-c, echinacea and super acidophilus to prevent infection.

I'm glad we went to the hospital, as much as I might complain about waiting times and disagree w/ some, (ok, a lot) of their standard procedures, they really did help us when they finally got around to it. Modern medicine has it's place, especially in an emergency situation and I for one do appreciate being able to make that choice.

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