Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Damn Good Dogs

I was looking at pics of someones beautiful dogs the other day and it really reminded me of some wonderful dogs we used to have. Our dog Daemon had the most incredible personality, he was so calm and patient, he pretty much always had a smile on his face. It was almost funny when someone would be afraid of his big teeth because he was only grinning! He was a blond American Staffordshire terrier, (I never did call them pit bulls because people seemed to look at them differently when they heard that name...), w/ dark around his eyes and muzzle, he was so very handsome. He was an almost iridescent silver-grey when he was born, we were lucky enough to get the pick of the litter, all the other pups in that litter were either bringle or red... We chose Daemon and also took Rowan as company for him, the little red runt of the litter. She was cute as hell too and it seemed somehow silly to just have one dog, when we had so much space where we were living at the time. There were packs of coyotes out there too, you could hear them howling at night. We were living in an old, formerly abandoned farm house that was on 45 acres in the middle of nowhere, at the dead-end of a dirt road that had only 2 other dwellings on it... We were set to buy the place, but the deal fell thru and we were expecting our twins by then so we ended up moving to another old house, but this one was in civilization, ie; on a paved road in a small community w/ lots of neighbors... Rowan was always smaller than Daemon but she made up for that w/ her bad attitude! She was constantly needling him, nipping and teasing him until after putting up w/ it way longer than I would've, he'd finally lose it and snap at her. She would often end up bleeding and then usually get an infection. I'm fairly sure it was at least partially due to the food we gave them. We were giving them the best dry food we could buy locally, but it was still packed w/ corn and wheat which are not things dogs would naturally eat by choice, and are often allergic to, much like some people... In retrospect, if I'd known about the raw meat and bone diet that I had my brothers maltese and malti-poo on when I was dog-sitting them years later, she might have had a better chance... She eventually had stinking, pussy open wounds all over her head and torso, despite the medicines and creams from the vet along w/ the different natural remedies we tried over the years, and she was still tormenting him and getting hurt... She passed away in November, 2000 and is resting at our old place.

Our current home has more neighbors, but there's 8 acres or so behind the house down to the water, plenty of running room, and Daemon and our new red bitch, (from the same parents), Angel behaved themselves so very well for a long time, we had free-range chickens, turkeys and lots of barn cats w/o any trouble from the dogs until one day we saw Daemon kill a cat. I think he was just playing at first when he gave her a little shake, but that was it for poor little Minty...
He saw how upset everyone was and never let us see him do it again, but when we were out, chickens would disappear...
Then a turkey was hunted and killed by Rowan, and when a piglet escaped from the pig-pen they both had fun playing w/ it. We were at the lake one day when our good friend called to say that he'd stopped by for a visit and had been greeted by 2 happy, tail wagging blood covered dogs and a half dead piglet. They didn't kill it, they just chased it and maimed it, our friend had to put the poor pig down. As horrible as that was, thank goodness it was him who found that mess and not someone who'd have called the cops or animal control. After that we had to keep them in or tie them and they could break any chain or cable if they wanted to, even aircraft cable. Luckily they were fairly happy where they were even tho they were tied, sweet things... Daemons neck was as big as his head, so a collar was almost useless w/o just about choking him, he also could slip any collar off whenever he felt like it just by backing up at the end of the chain. Very smart dogs they were. Once they had the taste for blood tho, they continued killing our chickens and turkeys and worst of all, started threatening the passers by on the road in front of our place.

They had to go and there was nobody to take them. Our county is one of those that passed one of those stupid bylaws against "that kind of dog" after we already had them, but no one ever complained about ours so that never really affected us except for when we wanted to get into obedience classes, (the guy that taught it in the nearest town would have nothing to do w/ our dogs), and when we were looking for a good home for them. They're now buried out back.
So very sad. I miss them.
It will be a long goddamn time before I ever get another dog.

The red dog is Angel, (but Rowan was almost identical), the blond is Daemon and the little white boxer mix was my brothers dog we were keeping for him while he was away...


sKILLz said...

I do animal rescue and when something happens you always say "well if I had done this, or if I tried this" you cant think that way.
you have to know that you gave them the best life you could have given to them and they were happy.

Yes its a good thing that he found them and not someone who would snitch and call Animal Control.

I love the pic with all 3 of them so freaking cute!!
Stay Up!

undacova mutha said...

Thank you. It's good to hear that.

You do animal rescue, that's awesome. You're tougher than I am, that's heartbreaking work. I've taken in a few unwanted dogs over the years, (and cats, bunnies, chickens and, and w/ the dogs, even if they've never actually been beaten, if they were ignored or starved for any amount of time, they can be seriously messed up. People so often don't think b4 they buy pets...