Sunday, October 12, 2008

Farmers Market and Processing some Foods...

Yesterday I went to the farmers market and bought 3lbs of tomatillos, first time using those! 5lbs of assorted hot peppers, hungarian hot wax, jalapeno, a sweet and a hot red variety, (I'm not sure of the names). I got 3 huge bunches of kale, a huge tote bag stuffed full, can't decide w/to do w/ it, either chopped and frozen or maybe kimchi...

A 1lb bag of wild rice, dried chantrelle mushrooms, pears, green onions, purple onions, and a couple of lbs of tomatoes on the vine.

I can't believe I'm buying tomatoes at this time of year but this was such a cold wet summer here that only a few ripened up on our plants and we ate them all tout de suite.
I'm going to have to make up a bunch of green tomato chow-chow w/ what's left...

The bread guy was all out of spelt and kamut bread, I'd wanted to get some of his spelt bagels and kamut baguettes but oh well, next time I'll get there earlier... And I feel like I should be making more of my own breads anyway, so I bought a bag of chia seed, some amazing blueberry juice and a bottle of this very interesting hair and scalp conditioner made of seaweed and seaweed oil, no perfume or other nasty ingredients, it smells like the actual ocean! Not some chemical companys' stupid idea of what fresh is...

I meant to bring my broken rose quartz necklace back to the girl who made it and ask her to fix it for me, but I forgot it at home. I'll remember it next week...

Also on the agenda is processing some of our massive harvest of cucumbers into mustard pickles, using an adapted version of my MIL's recipe; With sea salt instead of pickling salt, honey instead of white sugar, spelt flour instead of regular wheat, and cider vinegar instead of white...

Maritime Style Sweet Mustard Pickles

24 Cups cucumbers
8 Cups of peeled, chopped onions
1/2 Cup coarse sea salt

Mix together in a large bowl, place a heavy plate on top, and let stand overnight.
Drain well and rinse lightly in the morning.

Mix together in a large pot and put on low stove:
4 Cups local honey (I will prob reduce the honey and add stevia...)
3 3/4 Cups apple cider vinegar
2 Cups of water

While this mixture is gently warming, combine:
1/2 Cup liquefied honey
3/4 Cup spelt flour
3/4 tsp celery seed
2 Tbsp dry mustard
1 tsp turmeric

Add some of the warmed vinegar mix to the spice blend, stir,
then pour this paste into the pot of vinegar mix and stir occasionally as it comes to a low boil.

Add cukes and onions and simmer 30 mins.
Put in sterilized jars.

-All my preserving books say to give pickles a 10min boiling water bath to kill mold spores after putting into clean hot jars, but multiple generations of both T's and my families did it this way w/o incident so I think I'll take my chances. My pantry is also quite cold in the winter so stuff stores well. You might want to do the b/w bath just to be safe...

Makes 11 500ml jars.

This stuff is great on the side of almost any hot or cold dish.

Hopefully, I will post some pictures of the results here tomorrow.
( If all goes well... *fingers crossed*)


MoonRaven said...

I love farmers markets--good for the farmers and good for us. Wonderful vegetables, and all sorts of homemade things. (The spelt and kamut breads sound lovely.)

I also like mustard pickles (which is funny because I'm not particularly fond of mustard or cucumbers--or vinegar for that matter). I'm looking forward to hearing how yours turn out.

undacova mutha said...

The mustard pickles turned out just great, crunchy and delicious! We went thru the first liter in a couple of days...

I'm not usually a big pickle person either, I like these, a nice crunchy-salty dill on occasion, and chow-chow with fishcakes and beans, but not with anything else...