Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hot Sauce!!!

My hot sauce is always different, depending on the kind of peppers I can get and what else I have on hand. About 5 or so years ago around Christmas I made about a half a dozen different versions, ranging from mild roasted garlic and Anaheim pepper sauce for the kids, (yes, my kids like hot sauce!), to this jam-like habanero pepper, mango and pineapple sauce,(w/a touch of stevia), that tasted sweet for about half a second and would then set your face on FIRE!
My friend to whom I gifted a small jar of this innocuous looking but super hot stuff delighted in offering guests a whole spoon full of the 'jam'... You could hear the screams from miles away!
Funny thing is that once in a while someone who tasted it back then will ask me for the recipe!

I planted plenty of peppers this year, but we had more rain than sun and they did quite poorly. So this time I had to use peppers from the grocery store.I usually use lemon juice alone but today I only had 1/2 a lemon so I used apple cider vinegar which is very yummy too.

Here's what I added to this batch:

4oz Ancient Hots mysteriously hot peppers seeded w/ stems removed
7 med onions peeled and quartered
1 head of garlic peeled
cider vinegar and some lemon juice
a fair handful of salt, maybe 2-3 Tbsp. taste it and you'll know if it needs more

Blend peppers, onions and garlic in batches by pulsing until mixture is consistently smooth but still chunky, adding liquid as necessary. Salt to taste. Spoon into clean jars.
This is a fresh relish type sauce, and it's best eaten right away...

Store it in the fridge, and depending on how much salt and lemon juice/vinegar you use, (more acidity= longer life), use this up by 1-3 weeks.
This recipe made a bit more that 3 pint jars full, plus about a custard cup extra. (for right away :)
*We ate a pint jar full in less than 24 hours! No shelf-life issues here!

Try this with what you have on hand! Let me know how it goes! xoxo

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