Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No pectin grape-apple jelly

There's still some cucumbers left and way too many green tomatoes,
now there's apples and grapes to deal with...

We picked a bowl of apples and one of grapes.
The grapes were mashed into a pot w/ some water,
brought to a boil and simmered on a low fire for 15 mins or so.
The apples were quartered into a big pot, just barely
covered w/ water and simmered for a longer time.
Both mashes were left to drain overnight in a cloth lined strainer.

My favorite part was testing the juice for pectin.
Pour 1tsp of the strained juice into a bit of rubbing
alcohol, and if theres enough pectin it will gel up...
So you can pick it up with a fork...
How cool is that?


sKILLz said...

That is pretty cool and intresting but what do you do with it? I googled it and it said its like a jam? Is that correct?
If so what would you do with it?
Stay Up!

undacova mutha said...

I'm trying to make apple-grape jelly like my Grandma did, w/o commercial pectin like certo... My kids would live on pb&j given the choice, and if I can make it like this w/ wild apples and grapes, it's almost free.