Monday, November 10, 2008

Freezing fish in an ice glaze.

First I flash froze the fresh, whole fish loose on pans in the freezer.

When they were solid,
I dipped them in water and refroze them a number of times
until they were encased in a 2-3 mm thick layer of ice.
This keeps the fish in better shape as it prevents oxidization and freezer burn.

Then I bagged them up, to be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months, and thawed in the fridge as needed.


sKILLz said...

I dont eat fish.
Yes a lezbo that doesnt eat fish .hahah very funny.:P

However Gypsy LOVES it! I cook shrimp for her whenever I have some extra cash and I learned how to clean and cook it from her.
Im not really good and cooking myself but I made sure that was something I did right for her.
Stay Up

undacova mutha said...

I only eat some fish, and then it has to be properly cooked, and not at all "fishy"... lol

I like shrimp alright, sometimes I can get big boxes off the boats, but I hardly ever cook it because cleaning it is too much trouble! :)
Must be love!

Naomi Devlin said...

Great tip - although I wish I had your freezer, it looks huge!

x x x

undacova mutha said...

Thank you!I'm really enjoying reading your blog! My Grandma made a gluten free version of that baked lemon pudding...
These photos are of my pantry freezer, I have a larger one in the cellar. There were 2 of them down there when we moved in, (Grandma regularly cooked for 12 people), but we gave one away because that was too much for our family of 6. I save so much time and money by being able to buy food in bulk,(and cooking meals ahead of time),I'd be lost without it!