Sunday, November 9, 2008

Holy Mackerel!

Someone dropped off a bunch of fresh whole mackerel for me while I was out the other day.
How beautiful these fish are will never cease to amaze me, they have such ethereal iridescent colors. I froze some in an ice glaze, to be blogged tomorrow, maybe...

I canned a few in jars in a pressure cooker, for 100mins @ 10lbs pressure, with salt, onions, mustard seed, black pepper and white balsamic vinegar; my first experiment with canning any meat or fish, and I must say it turned out delicious...

I filleted some of them and brined them in a salt and brown sugar brine overnight in the fridge, rinsed them well and dried them on racks in front of a fan for an hour or so until they formed a dry skin or "pellicule". Then I placed the racks in the preheated smoker, put the pan of oak barrel biscuits on the element and shut the door, closing the smoker vent halfway. I brought the temperature up and maintained it fairly high for a few hours, adding more oak biscuits and rotating racks as needed, then I kept it low for the rest of the night, leaving it to cool in the morning. This will keep 2 weeks in the fridge and needs to be frozen for longer storage. Yum.

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