Saturday, January 24, 2009

still here...

I see that it's been a full month since I last posted, feels like a lot less, probably because I've been constantly sick and way overtired for so long that the days are often indistinct... I am completely all around exhausted.

If I could get some time off, sleep as much as I want and relax for a week no, two weeks straight, I'm sure I would be fine. That's not going to happen here anytime soon tho, I haven't had a week to myself since before having children... Over ten years now. It's not like there's anyone or anything specific stopping me from going somewhere or doing something, but I'm so busy with mothering and homemaking that it just never happens. I need to figure out how to extract myself from this reality for a while and go somewhere to recharge and de-stress. I'm not complaining, my life is good. If I had a van or rv, I'd just drive somewhere and park there for a while... Maybe I could find a cheap or free cap for the truck... Even winter camping looks appealing right now. I have always wanted to sleep in a snow shelter, maybe this is the winter I'll do it. At least that's in my price range!

Anyways, we all made it thru another long December and most of this cold January. Spring is on the horizon, the family is warm, dry and pretty darn well fed. I've been looking at the seed catalogs lately, I think I'll order from Richter's herbs in Ontario again this year... They have an incredible selection and super customer service. I also like Veseys in PEI...

We've had such a hard time keeping the house warm this winter, I want to be in a smaller, better insulated, more all around ergonomic dwelling than our aged farmhouse that lets the cold and wind blow right thru... After much consideration over the last decade or so, I most like the idea of something the shape of a yurt, built with locally scavenged wood, partially underground for insulation, with a sod roof, (sod reserved from the original excavation), and south facing windows for passive solar heat... I want polished dirt floors, a clawfoot tub and a little wood stove in the bathroom... A friend recently drew this to my attention, inspiration! Wow.

And now, a taste of our fantabulous east coast talent, from his latest album "Situation", Buck 65!

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