Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The dirt bike winged up the gravel road with its chubby, frizzy red headed rider and scrawny, pimply, greasy longish-haired passenger, both around 12 years old...

I and the young'ns were just settling down for a nice snack of spelt baguette with lingonberry spread and goat cheese, by the little fire at our latest picnic spot near the pond beside the road on our land. Being the sociable person that I am, I waved as they went by, even tho I'd rather not see anyone there.

After ten minutes or so they go by again, and then again a bit later... This was getting irritating, but it's a public road, no houses on it or anything, but certainly there for everyone to use. But the last time they went by one of them sang out in his girlie little boy voice, "hillbillies!", repeating himself a number of times until he was out of earshot. I laughed at first, it was so silly, then I thought about my kids having to hear that nonsense from those prepubescent little shit heads and started to get a little bit annoyed.

I didn't think they'd come back after that, but then I heard the bike again. They came up the road and pulled off on a side logging road across the way like they wanted to see what we were doing without having to talk to us...

Well then I was livid. I grabbed a handful of rocks and went down to the road, called the little feckers out and when they came out to the road, I just lost it on them, screaming and hollering about how they'd picked the wrong time and place to be calling people names and skulking about like that and that I wasn't about to put up with any shit from two disrespectful little bastards such as themselves. (I don't really mind being called a hillbilly, to be perfectly honest it was the principle of the thing, but hellbilly is probably a more accurate description of our little tribe!)

They were speechless at first, then the fella on the back said, "It wasn't us!". I said,"I saw you, don't lie to me little boy." "Well, we're sorry then." "Ya, now you are..." I put the run to them and then made a phone call to arrange for a local fellow to meet them at the end of the road to warn them against bothering us anymore. Hooligans. (I'm turning into a cranky old lady! HA!)

The kid on the front of the bike looked kind of familiar, and I found out later that his father is someone I knew well as a child, his Grandparents, (very nice people), live two doors down from the house we live in now, in a different community a fair distance away... Go figure.

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