Friday, June 12, 2009

Racist PETA Does it again...

What the heck are those toxic, misogynistic, over-privileged, simpleton PETA people thinking, when they create things like these horrible cartoons and idiotic media campaigns?

How is characterizing a race of gentle, thoughtful, sensitive people as slavering monsters chasing down the poor, innocent seals with caveman style clubs supposed to help anything? They were here, living off of, and being at one with the land since long before white man ever even thought to record his-story. To call this a mockery and degrading to the Inuit is a gross understatement.

If anyone in white bread, middle class amerika has an issue with how animals are treated, then just maybe they'd better deal with the more pressing, (and slightly more local!), issues like factory farms and the pet industry where animals translate into dollars as opposed to the thinking, feeling, interconnected with us beings that the Inuit and so many other aboriginal cultures have always known them to be. If some of the original peoples of this land are still able to hunt and make any sort of traditional living, for goodness sake let them be!

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