Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This is an absolutely incredible series of teleconference interviews available free on mp3 for a limited time... After listening for a couple of days, all I can say is WOW. It's about time.
(I am not affiliated with the raw mom summit in any way at all...I even missed the first 2 days!)

  • What to do about Fertility, Ovulation and Conscious Conception?
  • How to prepare for a Healthy Pregnancy, Labor and Childbirth?
  • What is Attachment Parenting?
  • Which natural remedies to use when your children are sick?
  • How to feed a meat-eating partner if you are vegetarian or vegan?
  • What should you feed yourself when you're overwhelmed with cravings?
  • How to get kids excited and involved in their own food-prep?
  • What to do when our kids rebel against our healthy diet?
  • What is going on with the Bees and why is it so important?
  • How to shrink our Carbon Footprint?
  • What is Sustainability and Permaculture?
  • What Super Foods are BEST for kids?
  • Exactly what IS the healthiest diet?
  • What are the best ways to Raise Children Naturally?
  • What are the lesser-known common pit-falls of a Raw Food Diet?
  • Which foods help or hinder our Hormones?
  • What are the issues around Veganism, B-12 and Protein?
  • What do Raw children eat?
  • How to get picky eaters to crave their veggies?
  • Which foods help kids transition and stick to a healthier diet?
  • What are the other Top Lifestyle Factors besides diet for longevity?

The RAW MOM SUMMIT is from June 22nd to June 30th. Every day of the Summit, you will receive a link to a special web page where you will be able to access the recordings for that day. You'll also be given access to a private community forum.

For nine consecutive days starting Monday, June 22nd through Tuesday, June 30th, there will be 3 interviews every day, including Jean Liedloff, the author of the ground-breaking book, The Continuum Concept, Susun Weed 'the voice of the Wise Woman Way', and many other brilliant people.

Each interview will be available free for 24 HOURS from initial broadcast.

Then the page will be password protected for UPGRADED participants only...

($, w/ tons of great freebies and a money back guarantee.)

You won't be able to listen to the sessions whenever you want through this event. You will only be given access on specific days. You'll get the broadcasting schedule for these calls and access to each call will be given for 24 hours.

You will only be able to listen to each call during the specific times that they are broadcast, not during the entire event, and only for a limited 24 hours after.

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