Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cops seize $29,000 from B.C. man, who says he was collecting cans

When Trent and I lived in Vancouver we used to go to Wreck Beach, this wonderful clothing optional beach out by UBC. It's at the bottom of about a hundred fairytale steps cut into a steep rain forest hill under towering trees amidst lush ferns and exotic wildflowers. At the bottom of the stairs, (once you're past the disgusting but necessary johnny on the spots), this incredible sandy expanse full of Huge driftwood logs, (reminiscent of "The Beachcombers"), and an incredible assortment of the most wonderful, weird people I have ever known or seen... There were the regulars who actually lived there or in their vehicles and did, as far I could tell, most of the maintenance on the stairs, kept the beach clean, drove off any perverts or obnoxious fully-clothed voyeur type folk, and were the real activists in the beach preservation society... There was a plethora of vendors from morning 'til sunset, including Terry the pizza-by-the-slice guy who'd announce his arrival with a stack of pizzas by playing a tune on his bugle, Matt the jello shooter dude, the couple who sold bathing suit bottoms and sarongs, two major burger vendors, my personal favorites were Lucy the sandwich lady, "Sammitches...empanadas wit' hot sauce...sammitches...", and 'Watermelon', "Woo-hoo for melons... woo-hoo!", I sold jewelery, sunglasses, hackey-sacks and Guatemalan purses for this crazy old Quebecois guy called Michel for a short while... There were also of course always lots of people with coolers full of, "Icy cold bee-eer", for sale...

And then there was Frank, the guy who collected empties. He was there from dawn until dusk, picking up cans, all day every day. We'd see him on his way up the stairs with multiple jumbo garbage bags full, a few times a day. I'd sometimes idly wonder about how much money he might be making with his truck full of empties like that everyday, but rarely thought of him again until today I read this news article about some guy who got stopped in New Westminster BC, and the car smelled of marijuana, so the officers searched the vehicle looking for drugs. They found $29,000 in plastic baggies in his car. He says he had the cash because he's been collecting soda cans. . . I wonder if it's Frank?
The Canadian Press: Cops seize $29,000 from B.C. man, who says he was collecting soda cans

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sKILLz said...

Wonder how long he has been doing it.
Wonder why he put it in baggies.
I guess he liked a little weed hmm? No biggie.
Very interesting!
Stay Up!