Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hello again!

These heathens do grow like bad weeds...
Hello all! To be online again after such an extended absence is a major relief. It was the first time since '97 I've had no internet for more than a month... We were so poor all summer that we had to let the phone and internet go. I have become so very good at being frugal, my new motto is, "If it's free, it's for me!". Also, somehow it seems like the less money and fewer ingredients I have, the better my cooking gets. Not sure how it happened, but more on that later for sure...

We moved away from our house in Havre Boucher, where we lived for the last 8 years, (my Grandmothers old place and one of my most memorable childhood homes). It's in an old acadian fishing village in northeastern Nova Scotia, my ancestors have lived there at least since the early 1800s and likely long before that too, so I do have plenty of family and acquaintances in and around the community but very few real friends, sadly there was hardly even anyone to say bye to when we left. Oh well, c'est la vie.

Now they're having this big RC church sex scandal there because one brave soul finally exposed the abuse he suffered at the hands of the late Father Alan MacDonald, who was a well respected local priest in the 70s. I think that the shit hasn't even started to hit the fan yet, there were a LOT of altar boys this predator came into contact with who are still messed up, the stories have been circulating for years, but nothing was ever done by the church or lawmakers, despite having been informed of at least some of the incidents, up until now. We shall see. I don't understand how money could ever compensate for a ruined life anyway, all this energy should be put into preventing anything remotely like this from happening to any innocent child ever again. You might say,"at least he wasn't after the little girls too", but plenty of them were molested by the dentist in Antigonish while they were under the gas getting fillings they didn't need... Nothing was ever said or done about that either. Can you imagine trying to measure such things in dollars?

We spent most of the summer in a one room cabin on a lake, seriously considering the possibility of relocating there permanently, but being the main dish washer/laundry person and cook in the family, with so many people to look after, I decided that we do need running water and electricity. So after managing to sell that uninsulated albatross of a house we were in, (albeit for way less than its worth, but to a family member and for enough to cover most if not all of my debts, no worries or complaints here :), we are now house sitting this wonderful cozy little house in the woods.

There's a woodstove here, which is another requirement for any place I'm to live in. There is also an oil furnace, but I haven't yet called the oil company to fill the tank, and that must be done before winter, it's on the list... We've been heating the place with free wood so far, since the beginning of September, (well dried scraps from local sawmills are free for the taking as are wind-falls and driftwood...)

This place is well-insulated enough that when I light a fire, it actually gets warm in the house, a completely new experience for me. There's a shed in the yard for my laying hens, an old fashioned claw foot bathtub, beautiful wood floors and walls and a huge screened in deck. Things are definitely looking up.


MoonRaven said...

Welcome back--I had wondered what happened to you. I'm glad you survived your (seemingly) difficult sojourn, but I'm sorry you needed to go through so much deprivation to get to where you are. It sounds like your new place is much better, and I am happy for you for that at least. I hope this is the start of much better things for you.

Renee said...

Thank you for the kind thoughts and words MoonRaven. We ended up having to move yet again, in mid-November, and are just now settling into another house. I'm still here, and I do have more to say, when the time and energy come to me... (I'm also really looking forward to reading all your posts I missed when I was sans internet... :)