Saturday, February 13, 2010

Update: still moving...

We ended up having to move again in November, after,(among countless other issues...), the cozy little place in the woods turned out to be a rodent infested mold factory. Once winter really hit, the upstairs was too hot for us, while the downstairs was cold and damp because the wood stove was upstairs, and heat rises. I had some fans set up to circulate the warm air better, but eventually it started to smell strongly of mold down there, and the mice in the walls were keeping us up at night. I'll never understand how such tiny little critters can make so much noise...

So we moved to this other place, closer to town, on a great piece of land with a river in the backyard... The house is smaller again, but there are a couple of outbuildings to store our stuff that doesn't fit in the house, and I'm finding it much easier to keep the place clean without most of our furniture and books in the way. There's also a fireplace here, a new experience for us, rather like a campfire in the living room... I've been doing a good portion of our cooking on the open fire, because I left our super nice gas stove at our old house for my brother and his woman when I thought we were going to have somewhere to live with a stove in it, (stupid move on my part for sure...) and the two second hand electric stoves I tried to buy didn't work out.
(Story and pictures to follow at a later date.)

We were hoping to be here for at least the summer, but the place was for sale and it sold, so we need to have another plan by the end of April. I want to build a yurt, cord wood, or dugout home, or buy a converted bus... but I'm not exactly sure where or how yet, and I'll have to get rid of most of my/our stuff, and I have no money. Details, details...Palace Yurt by Little Foot yurts at the 2008 evolve festival in Antigonish County

Cordwood building and close-up of inside wall, in Ship Harbour Nova Scotia

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